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Play tennis in a fun, flexible league!

Join Charlotte’s Largest Tennis Ladder!


Terri’s Tennis Ladder is a year round tennis league for Men and Women of all abilities in the Greater Charlotte Area. Four seasons are offered each year — each lasting 8-10 weeks with a playoff tournament at the end.  It is the largest tennis ladder in the Charlotte area!

Terri’s Tennis Ladder will offer singles, doubles, and mixed doubles play this spring. This nine week program offers you the opportunity to meet other players at your level as well as providing you flexibility with your schedule. You play as often or as infrequent as you want, whatever time suits your schedule, and wherever you find convenient—you work it out with your opponent.  There will be a playoff tournament included at the end of the season!

Men and Women singles:   2.5   3.0   3.5   4.0   4.5   5.0+  

Men and Women doubles:  2.5   3.0   3.5   4.0    4.5  

Mixed Doubles Combo:  6.0   7.0   8.0    9.0

$20 per player for singles, $15 per player for doubles

As this ladder is an activity generator, you get points for each challenge match you play, and the ladder changes weekly depending on the matches played. At the end of the season, if you are one of the top players/teams in your division, you have the opportunity to play in the season ending playoff tournament!

SPRING SEASON begins February 23  

Deadline to register: February 16 — discounted rate before deadline!

(Late registrations accepted)

Tour Tennis and Omega Sports have generously agreed to donate many items for drawings to be held throughout the season.  Win prizes just by playing tennis!

September 25 drawing winners:

Andrew Augustus, Elaine Clark, Karen Berka/Stacy Brown all receive free racquet stringings from Tour Tennis!

Michael Sonin, Karen Garcia, Laura Furgeson each receive a $25 gift certificate to Tour Tennis!

November 2 drawing winners:

Carl Church, Stacy Kennedy, Ben Covitz/Rick Nicholson all receive free racquet stringings from Tour Tennis!

Betsy McLeod, Cliff Blaney, Jane White each receive a $25 gift certificate to Tour Tennis!

Scott Mellon, Timothy Ridge, Beth Flickinger, Chris Wente, Lindsey Wente each receive a $10 gift card to Omega Sports!


Terri’s Tennis Ladder proud sponsors:

Terri's Tennis Ladder Logos_ArtFinal


Piedmont Town Center at SouthPark  (4620 Piedmont Row Drive  Suite #130) 704-458-8180

new omega logo

Three Charlotte locations:

Park Road Shopping Center (4237  Park Road)

Arboretum Shopping Center (8036 Providence Road)

Rivergate (1413 Rivergate Pkwy Suite #100)





At year end, we will have a Championship Playoff tournament, inviting the winners and finalists in each division from each season in that year to compete against each other.  The winner of each division will earn 2 free registrations for the following year.

See the results and winners of 2014 on the PLAYOFFS page!